Deadwina- 10 reasons

TO STAY AT HOME AND PLAY COMPUTER GAMES (With your mates is best but meh!)

Well it appears that videogames may be the subject of yet another witch hunt because parents are doing a shit job of looking after their children. Do not worry though if you are in fear that you are addicted to computer games then carry on gaming because if you live a "normal" life this may happen to you...

1) Stabbed on a bus for no reason whatsoever.
2) Stabbed on a bus for standing up for your girlfriend.
3) Shot by the police for no reason whatsoever.
4) Blown up by terrorists (see 9/11 or 7/7 etc.)
5) Raped
6) Get HIV from nutters who are your girlfriend
7) Beaten to death for having your phone in the pub
8) Shot in a drive by
9) Attacked by Chavs because you were there
10) Get run over by a cunt

So you see it's the cunts/chavs/neds/townies/terrorists/nutters that run the show now. It used to be the case of wrong place wrong time but now its' just wrong time. So yeah, go out if you dare because your friends are harassing you to "get off the computer" but if all of the victims above had decided to take a Halo Day or go straight home to level up their Mage then they'd all still be here/not have HIV/been raped/mauled/traumatised


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