"FCUK me 4 GOLD"

Right well, as you know I play WoW, and I am also a fan of playing later at night so that I can do some solo farming/questing without as many geeks hounding me for Help/Gold/Water/Food. But the downside is that, if you pay a visit to any of the Major Cities, the freaks are out looking for Cybaaaar etc. I have been approached to cyber someone for Gold (freaky WoW prostitute) and frequently I have seen on General Chat things like, Female Gnome Looking for BF. As I stated before I find this sort of stuff sad. I think it is inevitable though, due to WoW being a “Full-time” game as such RL doesn’t get much of a look in, and well people need their “releases”.

Now to make things sadder, I stumbled across this site

Now I want to do something funny so I have registered my Character. Now what I want the reader of that guys to do is suggest a few answers for the following questions:

What do you do for fun?
Favorite things?
Whats the last thing you read?

Personally I was hoping for more questions... anyways funnier the better. I’ll keep everyone updated and the hopefully I can fulfil WoWs secondary objective of the “list”:

Gain full Top Teir Armour/Cyber with real (fit/legal) girl

P.S Check this sick puppy out: I do like Druid Sex!!
P.P.S For those of you who dont know Druid sex is when the character turns into a bear/dog/cat and then goes at it...


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