Sony PSP apology.

For those of you who dont know, Sony recently released this Ad:

And there was a shed load of controversy about the racial connotations behind it. Well apparently Sony have now apologised for this and withdrawn the advert.

However the Guardian Gamesblog (See link on sidebar) has given me an idea: Controversy Sells, The guardian was talking about whet next campaign they will come up with next, offending religions? Well lets leave the racial offendingness aside, How else could Sony market this “Pretty Shit Product”?



  1. Nuke a gay aborted Whale for Jesus using a PSP?

    Novelty PSP cover?

    Make a decent game for it?

  2. Further comments from GGB:

    1) Two towering PSPs, one white, one black. A plane flies into the black one. The PSP remains undamaged. Strapline: "PSP. More durable than it looks."

    2) Cinema verite style footage of starving children. They scream for help, questioning why the rich western countries will not help them. Cut to aid worker playing PSP. Strapline: "PSP. You just can't put it down for anything."

  3. 3) A mother is hours into a long and drawn out labor. Eventually after some vaginal tearing, screaming and crying the camera zooms in on the blood and shit covered newborn. Flashforward to 20 years later and he goes into a game and buys a PSP. Thats it really.

  4. They should advertise the white PSP with a string on and a "bit of red"

  5. Oh Man thats Genius! We shoudl pattent that for a PsP Case mod!

  6. Other things Daily Mail readers should find racist and denounce! May the bland middle classes rule over a universe of grey and uniformity:

    1) Anyone who wins chess with either black or white pieces
    2) Jack Black, what's wrong? Jack BlackWhite not a good enough name for you racist?
    3) Black's outdoor wear store. How dare you!
    4) Black Labradors. Animal racism
    5) White collar workers. Racist
    6) White bread. Mighty White please Black bread too please?
    7) All moths that don't have a melanic form. Racist lepidoptera!
    8) White rhinoceroses (the western black rhinoceros has recently thought to have gone extinct. Coincidence?)
    9) Snow
    10) The night sky
    11) New Zealand rugby team
    12) Blackbeard
    13) Gandalf the White?
    14) Tippex
    15) Manfat
    16) Albinos
    17) Black Holes
    18) Black cabs
    19) White bait
    20) Yachts. Ever seen a black yacht?

    Things that are not racist by their equal tolerance of black and white things as well as the avoidance of depicting any possible kind of struggle against things that are different colours regardless of the fact that young people of all colours are shooting, knifing and beating each other up on a daily basis on the buses, trains and in the streets:

    Zebras, Penguins, Beaches, Cows, Some cats and dogs, PSPs, DSlites, blackboards & whiteboards, things that are chequered, peppered moths Biston betularia, Zebra fish, Pandas, Zebra crossings, humbugs (the sweet), David Grey, .....

  7. Right well!

    I have just found out that this was only one of 3 pictures produced for the PSP white campaign the picures were:

    1. The une we have all seen.
    2. One with the Black girl, dominating the white girl.
    3. One where they are both fighting each other.

    But of course the Media has to only show the 1st pic so that they can spin it for Raciist Paranoia! Fuckers!

    Yet another reason to love the media Dicks...

  8. Anonymous12:13

    I go for the two fightin however you know one would pull a gun and gat the other whilst shouting "you got no game, you got no game, fool!!!1"

  9. Anonymous01:44

    I think Sony has (again) proved it's casual mastery of marketing with this ad campaign.

    While everyone else is distracted with the race issue, they're actually sat back laughing saying 'black or white, doesn't really matter if you think about it, you're all cunts whatever, and you're all talking about our product!"

    mwa ha ha ha


    It's why I nightly pray for the return of The old Ones. It's the Only Way.

    Question though - why do you never see any gay hentai tentacle rape?


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