New Wii Lunch Title Announced!

Today Nintendo announced WWi: Childbirth. The game, aimed at the female market, comes with a foetal attachment. Players then insert the controller, (umbilical chord) nunchuck and foetal attachment into the appropriate body cavity and then have to give birth within a time limit. On screen is a vaginal tearometer as well as an oxygen gauge for the baby. If the oxygen gauge reaches critical, players then have to wave the foetal attachment to get the baby to "wake up" or press the A button (ABORT) on the controller. If the vaginal tearometer reaches critical then players can attempt to stitch it up with a Wi-Fi connection to a special version of Trauma Center: Under the Knife.
The Foetus attachment comes in a range of colours to match the range of colours for the controller. Whether or not a blue version has been considered is unknown at this point.

This revolutionary game will give women who haven't yet had children an excuse to actually experience how painful childbirth is, to then invoke it as "The most painful thing a human being has to endure" to all males nearby. Also men can play it but with obvious biologically incorrect implementation.


  1. Anonymous11:07

    Congratulations! The team at That Guy's A Maniac have qualified for their all access Hell Platinum cards. These cards allow you access to all 7 levels of hell and you even get a chance to be tortured by Satan- For Eternity

  2. Anonymous12:26

    And because its Ningaydo it will come in Mario form, when said foetus pops out, you can just imagine him, "Here we GO!"

    And there should be a Pokemon version too, "PIKAACHUUUUUUU!" Imagine that, a Machamp version, or Onyx! Why oh why have they not thought of this before, Cunzy phone them up and pitch it to them.


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