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Geez I leave for a few days and all Hell(bound Angels) breaks loose. But hey good news:

That Guys has finally been picked up by the people that matter, for a game that will actually matter!

Spoiler alert:

So far we can disclose the following information:

C-Spin and Jump
X - Primary fire.
O - Cross
Triange - Double jump
Square - "homofobic" RP-PvE insult.
L1 - Slide Tackle
L2 - Secondary Fire
R1 - Throw Grenade
R2 - Grappling hook
L3 - Dive
R3 - Become undead and play from the Zombies poit of view.
Select - Map
Z- Accelerate

Levels: That Guy's: The official game of the official movie will feature revolutionary new level design including:
An Ice level. It will be all white and a bit slidy and you die if you fall in the water because it is so cold. Expect penguins and polar bears as well as an Xtreme snowbaording section.
A Fire level. Set in a volcano there will be lava and boulders galore!
A Warehouse level. This level is made out of crates. There will be a crane mini puzzle and an unlockable dispatch management minigame for the GBA!
A Sky Level. Set in the clouds there will be plenty of perilous edges to plunge from and falling platforms!
Missions: The game plays differently every time and at key points players have to choose their next destination, which is always the same but with a slightly different cut scene at the end. There are over 4 endings to unlock to get the true story!
Secrets: There will be additional material of a sexual nature, weaved into the coding so that we may get extra adverising once the game stops selling as well.


  1. Good to have you back. Marvin was starting to act funny and was a bit blue.

  2. Anonymous15:53

    Secrets: A new costume will be unlockable, it will include some form of hat, possibly a panama.

    Big Head Mode (Hilarious)

    Small Head Mode (Possibly even
    more hilarious, if that's possibly possible)

    A silver version of the primary weapon

    A gold version of the primary weapon

    A didlo version of the primary weapon

    Non-exploding barrels mode (where the red barrels... DON'T EXPLODE!!!)

    Floating mode (something floats...oh yeeeaaahhh, you know (no not the Macho King))

    Unlimited Ammo (ie: BORING MODE V1.0)

    God Mode (ie: BORING MODE V2.0)

    A scate boarding mini game

    A smash the car/barrel (exploding) mini game

    A mini game with the cast of Ape Escape (not including the monkeys)

    A box... just a box


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