The Dinosaur Games List!

Here they are! With my got/need status

Animal Crossing GOT
Animal Crossing: Wild World NEED
Deathtrap Dungeon GOT
Demo One Awesome T-rex thing GOTDino Crisis (not 3) GOTDinosaur Hunting (not yet released) NEED
Disney’s Dinosaur NEEDEvil Dead Fistful of Boomstick GOTJurassic Park GOTJurassic Park 3: Dino Attack NEEDJurassic Park 3: DNA Factor NEEDJurassic Park: Operation Genesis GOTJurassic Park: Warpath GOTKing Kong NEEDParasite Eve 2 GOT
Pokemon (All versions) DON'T EVEN WANT DEFINITELY HAVEN'T GOTSiberia NEEDSiphon Filter GOTStar Fox Adventures: Dinosaur Planet NEEDThe Lost World: Jurassic Park NEED
The Lost World: Jurssic PArk Arcade NEED
Timesplitters GOTTomb Raider 1, 2 & 3 GOTTurok: Dinosaur Hunter NEED
World of Warcraft NEED
WWF Smackdown 2 GOT
Zoo Tycoon: Dinosaur Digs NEED
There is also Power Rangers Dino Thunder which I refuse to include in this list and about 140000 other Jurassic Park spinoffs. Jurassic Park seems to have gone the way of the star wars... although Jurassic Park Battlefront would be awesome. I didn't include NFS:U either even though once I made a dinosaur car it was green with RED TEARS (that's tears not tears) down the side. Seriously!
Most of the above games are absolutely shite and a general trend seems to be the less dinosaurs (excluding birds) and other extinct organisms, the better the game.

I am going to buy all of them and start my own WIKI as well as becoming L337 at dinosaur games!!!



  1. OHHHH I forgot ICE AGE!

  2. Wantthis
    I don't even know what it is!

    There is an Icthyosaur, a plesiosaur, a stegosaur, a pterosaur, a dromaeosaur, a tyrannosaurid and what looks like a dilophosaur!


  3. Do I see a "NEED" for World of Warcraft, are you coming to the darkside of gaming and entering the twisted world of MMO?

  4. By "need" I mean will delete your game when I get near to your PC.


  6. Anonymous17:18

    Word Up! I’m back, that’s right.

    Some more games with dino’s;

    Ape Escape
    Godzilla Destroy All Monsters
    Gregory Horror Show
    Killer Instinct
    Monster Hunter
    Primal Rage
    Super Pang
    Tekken 2
    The Chaos Engine
    War of the Monsters

    There’s a ton of other retro shit with dino’s in too but who really cares, ooh hope I haven’t offended the GAYMES TM readers with that one.

  7. Anonymous12:06

    What were the toys called with Guns and shit attached to dinosaurs and traps that caught them the good guys had good dinos like Triceratops and the bad guys had baddddd dinos like T-Rex and you put armour on them, Cunzy you had the video, they were cool and should have had a game and if they did that should be on the list of dino games.

  8. Anonymous00:52

    Oh fuck yeah, with the diplodocus gunship-o-saur thing and the atrocious plot lines. i used to *love* that.

    i'm guessing grimlock doesn't get a look in here...?

  9. You're missing one. I played it as a kid and loved it but my computer could never play it at full speed :(

    I think it was around the 95 era and it began with an E and possibly required 3D glasses. It was a while ago.

  10. okay i found the game i was thinking of and that was actually one i had and never liked - lost eden.

    the one i was actually thinking of was 3d dinosaur adventure:


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