iBuzz - Really?

Yeah so what you are seeing pictured is essentially a vibrator, sex toy thingy. This however has one small difference, you see the headphone jack? Yeah! I t plugs into your iPod, I reckon this contraption actually gets folk off in time to the music? Now when I found this I was a little sceptical so I had to check out the site, and yeah it exists! Check it out for yourself. pay attention to the flash add in the bottom corner where it has the iPod silhouette Ads and then zooms in their groins.
So my question to you is - What songs would be best?


  1. Rape Mea by Nirvana

  2. That should be rape ME by Nirvana apologies to Mea

  3. Anonymous23:22

    Cunzy are you sure it wasn't Rape Meat? We all know what kind of wierd kinky sexual deviant that you are you are. How about Twist by Korn or that song about poor Johnathon's childhood now thats mood music.

  4. Yeah Rape MEAT Is good. Also the sountrack from Casino Zone in Sonic 3 is a another good un.


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