Londonage Part 7

Step 7. Get Home.

Yeah pretty much the same deal as last time, I seemed to leave everything to the VERY last minute, managing to get on the train/plane etc. just in time. Although there was one thing that bugged me: I don’t know how many of you have travelled on the London Underground and the Glasgow Underground within a few hours of each other. Well I did and I can say Glasgow Underground

Is a bit of a disappointment when compared to the London Underground.

Now I have used the Glasgow underground (Clockwork Orange) for many years now but stepping on it after the wonders of the London Underground (timed tubes, digital displays for where the tube is going, voices telling you information about where the train is going, and a lovely woman who tells you to “Mind the Gap”) just made the Glasgow underground seem like a fisher price toy. The underground is dated to say the least its retro 70’s architecture and retro 70’s upholstery doesn’t do it any favours. There is no digital timed displays, you just have to hope a tube is coming along soon, and if you are lucky there will be an analogue clock in the “Station” so that you know how long you have waited (wasted) in this throw-back of a transport service.

Step 7: Get Home. CHECK.

Score: Richie 5: London 2



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