What's Harvind1 up to?

You may remember a while ago when we proved, scientifically, that we are the Second Greatest Videogame Blog of All Time In the World, we were beaten by a true legend, Harvind1. His blog was exceptional.

Seeing that now Richie is Deadcraft again I thought we should see what ol' Harvind1 is up to....

OH SICK. HE IS TRULY THE GREATEST VIDEOGAME BLOGGER OF ALL TIME. Did you see how long his post was? Very long indeed. Also he talks about real issues! We tried that once but it din't go very well. We were accused of being Homophobic even though one third of the TGAM team was gay once. It was just a phase but it means that we can't be homophobic. Well done Harvind1 you are an inspiration to us all.

In other news:

SONY of America has decided that TV compatability will no longer be available for the Europe PS3s. Instead SONY are releasing a new device called "Watch-Ray". Watch-Ray will be the biggest thing since the Walkman or the Playstation or Blu-Ray said SONY at 6pm GMT not last Thursday but the Thursday after that. By using Watch-Ray with the PS3, game players will be able to play the latest games such as Madden '06 and the original Killzone and actually see things on Watch Ray. This will revolutionise gaming my friends. No longer will we have to listen to the gameplay and try to work out what the buttons mean. Now we can directly see our characters move around on Watch Ray.

In other other news:

BBC Game Journalists desperate to write something. With the lack of any gaming news the BBC have stolen TGAM's journalistic technique, which we developed over the course of 2006/2007, of "writing any old shit and putting images and references to games in somewhere".

As we speak, we are currently filing for divorce with the BBC. Well done Beeb. Now look what you've done. You couldn't have thought about the children before your blatant plagiarism. Fuckers.
In other other other news:
Tycho from Penny Arcade actually writes something readable hurry over there because it might not be there for long. Tycho has clearly stolen our TGAM's journalistic technique, which we developed over the course of 2006/2007 of "write something quite in jokey and illegible and isolating to audiences" but then fucked it up so you only get irritated about half way through. Well done Tycho, we knew you could do it!
Yeah, yeah, you like that? Plenty more where that came from.


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