Sony has AIDS

Hey guys, girls and gaymers. It's paradox gaming time! That's right, where you the reader get to change the future by answering some hypothetical questions about games. Add your answers in the comments and I'll put them up here.

1) Would you pay £500 to be able to play one game for a month. It could be any game at all. Think of your favourite game, would you willingly pay £500 to play it?
Cunzy1 1: My favourite game of all time is probably Timesplitters 2, TGAM Game of the Year 2006. I don't think I would pay £500 to play it for a month though. I'd wait until it was cheap or free.

2) Would you pay £500 to play NHL 2K7?
Cunzy1 1: Hah! Fuck off. I've already got a NHL game. You only ever need one. It's like football games. No. Never.

3) Would you pay £500 to add a massive block of plastic to the already tight space under your TV. THe piece of plastic does nothing except play NHL 2K7?
Cunzy1 1: No. I need the space for my PS2 which can play all the Playsttion games I currently have. ALL of them.

4) Do you have problems with DVDs?
Cunzy1 1: No.

5) C'mon but really. They aren't big enough right?
Cunzy1 1: What? They're fine. What do you mean big enough? I don't get it. I put a DVD in my PS2 and I see a film. It's fine.

6) But imagine DVDs but a bit bigger.
Cunzy1 1: What like dinner plate size? Yeah that would be cool. Big dinner plate DVDs. You could buy duplicates of your favourite films and turn them into bedside tables. But it would be a bit inconvenient to store them all.

7) You can never play old playstation games.
Cunzy1 1: What? Why?...

8) They're all crap. No one plays old playstation games. Kidz need new things. New and shiny things. They'll forget the old things.
Cunzy1 1: No. What about the new final fantasy? It's only just come ou..

9) No. Fuck you. Fuck you Europe. You will do what we want you to do. You don't want to play old PS2 games. You want to pay £500 to play Xbox 360 games again. You don't ever want to play Shaolin 8-player anymore. You hate DVDs and you want bigger DVDs. You hate Nintendo. The remote control is dumb. Vibrating joypads is dumb.
Cunzy1 1: WOAH!

10) Would you rather have 5 DS Lites or a PS3?
Cunzy1 1: Five DS Lites.

11) Would you rather have a nice holiday abroad or a PS3?
Cunzy1 1: Holiday.

12) Would you rather have 3333 cans of Tesco value beans or a PS3?
Cunzy1 1: The beans. Think of the beans. You could make a fort out of that many cans and then eat some if you were hungry. The beans.

13) You're just answering with the first option I give you. This survey is moot.
Cunzy1 1: No it isn't. Try it the other way round.

14) Would you rather have a PS3 or nothing?
Cunzy1 1: Nothing.

15) Would you rather have a PS3 or a DS Lite and 13 games ?
Cunzy1 1: 13 is an unlucky number but I still would like a DSLite and the games.

16) Would you rather have a PS3 or pay your rent for a month?
Cunzy1 1: Rent. Always.

17) Would you rather have a PS3 or a man?
Cunzy1 1: A man. Gay.

18) Would you rather have a PS3 or a Wii and 10 games?
Cunzy1 1: A Wii and ten games! Especially considering that Super Smash Brothers Brawl is out soon and Super Mario Galaxy. You can't get those on the Xbox 360.

19) Fuck you.
Cunzy1 1: Fuck you more like. You silly shit. You had a massive fanbase. We were willing to stick by your side for the sake of gaming. Hah! This time two years ago if you'd have asked me which next gen console I would be most interested in I would have said the Playstation. Nintendo had shot itself in the foot with all the distribution issues and poor range on the Cube and the Xbox was for Americans. Now. Well I hope the PS3 bombs as badly as it seems to be bombing at the moment. You've made your bed Sony and incompetence, blatant lies and greed are in it. I'm not and TGAM isn't. Burn and die Mr.Sony. Burn and die. This is battery acid! [squirts inhaler]

20) Nooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo...........


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