Guitar Hero-age

Yeah so I have been fucking about with Guitar hero 2 for ages now, and well I'm better at it now (better as in not being beaten by so many girls) I am able to "5 star" a few of the expert level songs. I have even wandered into the territory of the Bonus songs and found myself actually enjoying them (Recommend: Parasite play that on expert, if you don't complete it then end your life, it is piss easy). Anyways bragging aside, I actually have a point here, I recently decided to go back to the first Guitar hero. And well was I ever shocked. It's so easy! I went through Expert mode, with the exception of Cowboys from hell and Bark at the moon, start to finish, no problems. Well I say, "No problems" actually there was one major problem: The hammer-ons and pull-offs don't work, Guitar hero 2 is way more forgiving in that respect. This all-in makes me look forward to the 360 version basically in the hope that it can be possible to play Guitar hero 1 tracks with the Guitar hero 2 system.

Its true.


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