Oh readers....... Who am I kidding? Hey Richie. It looks like after all our years of desperate attention seeking someone has acknowledged our cutting edge-videogame blogging. Yes, yes it may be unfortunate that I was slightly harsh about this guy's site a bit earlier but legendary webcomic artist Tim Buckley, creator of videogame themed webcomic Ctrl-Alt-Del has given That guy's a Maniac a nod. Check it out. Genius recognises genius.

Whaddya mean you can't see it. Check the second panel:

For those of you who still can't see it, Lucas says "Yeah That's.. That's awful. THAT GUYS do that...". It's as clear as day. Thanks for the props Tim although I suspect you were just phising for more traffic by getting all of our readers to check you out. Sorry for rating you third greatest videogame themed webcomic of all time but Chef Brian has to go and never come back.
Image © 2002-2006 Tim Buckley and Ctrl+Alt+Del Productions. All rights reserved.


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