You know what I miss?

I miss Darkstalkers.

Darkstalkers was Capcom's risqué monster beat-em-up. It was always 2D and featured some rather fun unique and crazy characters. I don't wanna go into too much detail as I have a link to a much better site explaining it all, suffice it I'm all nostalgic about it and gutted I cant play it (unless I buy a PSP and a copy of a crap rendition of it) So how about some pictures of the birds from the games:

First up we have Felicia, she's half woman-half cat

[Enter pussy joke here]

Next up we have Morrigan, look she's part bat, part woman and has big tits, we love Morrigan here at That guys, she's special.

Gotta love that look in her eye

Finally we have Lilith she's similar to Morrigan but has smaller tits, and frequently is seen pictured with Morrigan in erotic pseudo-lesbian poses.

She even has a catchy one lines (Note: Hope this isn't Chris's blood)

Anyways check out this link here for a full and comprehensive darkstalkers fansite.

And also I like those above images so much that I had to do this:

Happy wnaking


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