No reason to buy a PS3

If you had asked me a week ago, "Do you want to get a PS3?". Despite Cunzy's AIDs analogy I would have said, "maybe" for only a few reasons:

1. The controller. I have no idea where people get off mocking the PS3 controller, as far as I can see, it is nothing but an improvement on the "best-controller-ever" for the PS2. This time it has no wires, and is motion sensitive. The lack of a rumble pack, killed me slightly inside, but apparently that has been sorted. Whatever company was suing them about it had lost. (You may have heard rumours that the rumble pack was not included due to the Motion sensor affecting it, this was "Sony Lies", well not really, it does affect the motion sensor they are gonna include an on/off switch for the rumble feature letting the user decide whether or not they want this feature.)

2. It's the PS3. It seems that everyone has become quite jaded towards this word, despite all the worry and the excessive costs it's the next step up from the PS2!!!! The NEXT PS2! The PS2 was awesome! Remember...

3. The games. The most important and defining classification for any of these new platforms. Since it's the PS3 we can only hope that those defining titles will continue to be produced for the PS3 such as:

GTA 4: Nope it appears that GTA will be released for the 360.

Resident Evil 5: If you remember, Capcom jumped ship and put the last one on the Gamecube first, as it seems, they are not to loyal to Playstation for this title, and uh-oh, it's gonna be released on the 3600 too.

Metal Gear Splinter: Nuff said.

So what does that leave where are the big players? You know the MAJOR franchises something that is PS3 exclusive, something that could maybe define a platform, something that suits the Playstation controller, and could maybe be evolved in some way with the PS3 motion sensor! Wait a minute! What was one of the first titles announced for the PS3... It's on the tip of my tongue... Oh yeah!

Devil May Cry 4: Dante, and some pleb are to return in the next instalment of the series, exclusi... what... Oh it's out on the 360 too? ... Is there any point in forking out for the PS3... Controller? Pffft that hardly makes it worth it...

Game Over Sony.


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