Sony has the all-clear

It's true. Once tainted with the gay disease sony has gone into remission and is now clear of dirty bum disease (DBD). What prompts this contentious message you ask? Well looks like the PS3's Home may well destroy or at least take the limelight from Second Life. Check it.

Although I don't agree that this will be the case it's a step in the right direction. All of those clammy handed Second Lifers who are currently complaining that Second Life has become "too commercial" or "too popular" will be the same Second Lifers who will be in Second Life the day they switch the servers off. Unlucky San Fransicians, looks like everyone else has copied your idea and they'll be doing it better anytime soon. Some SLers have fought back by saying that "platforms" or dare I say it "multiverses" that are too popular will be filled with griefers and teenagers who "don't play in the spirit of the game". Better that than a bunch of 40 year old angsty bummers I say. At least griefers are willing to have a little fun. They also don't pretend to be in Second Life for things other than little children sex sims either so who's the bad people there?

Regardless of all the above anyway who needs multiverses, platforms, MMORPGs or Child Sex Sims when we all still have Quake 2. Ah. Quake 2. When gaming was still gaming and not just dressing your sim for a bit of virtual paedophilia. The innocent days before this sick shit.

Which is why we are starting a TGAM campaign called STOP THE SICK SHIT. Here's the Poster:



  1. Anonymous11:07

    Dear TGAM.
    I am a Second Lifer and I support your STOP THE SICK S**T campaign. I used to run a small shop that sold virtual postcards depicting some of the landmarks and secret wonders within second life. The shop owner next to me sold virtual children.
    At first I was OK with it. Better virtual children than real children right? But then I got to see the 'goods' she (the shop owner) was selling. They had engorged entry points and some of them had been programmed to cry upon entry. I was sickened.
    On the day that my postcard stall was forced to close through lack of finances, the child shop was still going strong.
    I can still see their lifeless open mouthed faces now.

    Keep up the good work,

    A Concerned SLer.


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