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The last revelation


Stupid Fucking Site More Like

So everyone on the internet likes to whinge but there is nothing worse than a loser and a not so loser that like to whinge about their shitty job, online, whilst they work at their shitty job. Go here to read this big bag 'o' shite. Here are the problems with the website "I'm a stupid customer service nerd" in a numbered list: 1) They whinge all the time about how crappy their job is yet never do anything about it like skim people's credit cards or leave the store unlocked on purpose. 2) It's as if they haven't seen Clerks or understand that they just come off as whiney nerds. Everyone has worked shit jobs but most of us managed to move on with our lives. 3) The woman (Mario Mark) almost never talks about women's issues such as periods, pregnancy boobs or grief online. Get with it bird. 4) They so desperately want to be UK:Resistance that they write about it in the comments all the time and steal their posts and spend most of the day in

Mission-Get-The-Anime-Post-Off-The-Front-Page Part 3

Going back to earlier what about the other "minorities" that want a place to meet similar people who play videogames with a forum. The ladies have many places and so do gaymers but what about: 1) Blue Lilies- A blog and forum for gamers who like to play with blue avatars. 2) Dead Lilies- A blog and forum for gamers who have been, will be or are dead. 3) Wilting Lilies- A blog and forum for gamers who have no bones in their bodies. 4) Blooming Lilies- A blog and forum for adolescent male gamers who get the blame most of the time for all the ills of the internet and forums and MMORPGs even though they may not be to blame. For every sexist comment I see a gazillion adolescentist comment. 5) Lily Livers- A blog and forum for gamers who are but disembodied organs/aggregates. 6) Dino Lillies- A blog and forum for gamers who want to see more dinosaurs in games! 7) Black Lilies- A blog and forum for gamers with leprosy or frostbite. 8) No. I'm done. I've

Let's Do........ Griefing: A Guide

Griefing has been in games for a long time. A modern definition would certainly be mostly about racism, sexism and all the other 'isms' towards other players particularly in multiverses, MMORPGs and online games with text or voice chat. However, griefing has been around in games for a while. Lets look to the origins of this much maligned behaviour. Griefing first originated in games where you could directly affect other players. For me and the Catch The Monkey And Other Games B69 (the name given to the merry band of gamers that I used to play with) peeps the first precursors to griefing behaviour could be found in Micro Machines on the Mega Drive. A well timed nudge before a jump or on a thin walkway would send the other player spiralling to doom. Remember this is a Micro Machines before weapons and powerups. Then strategies would start to develop to counter act nudging. The classic braking before someone goes to nudge you means that they end up facing the other way and

Sony has the all-clear

It's true. Once tainted with the gay disease sony has gone into remission and is now clear of dirty bum disease (DBD). What prompts this contentious message you ask? Well looks like the PS3's Home may well destroy or at least take the limelight from Second Life. Check it . Although I don't agree that this will be the case it's a step in the right direction. All of those clammy handed Second Lifers who are currently complaining that Second Life has become "too commercial" or "too popular" will be the same Second Lifers who will be in Second Life the day they switch the servers off. Unlucky San Fransicians, looks like everyone else has copied your idea and they'll be doing it better anytime soon. Some SLers have fought back by saying that "platforms" or dare I say it "multiverses" that are too popular will be filled with griefers and teenagers who "don't play in the spirit of the game". Better that than a bunch o