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Iran in controversial 'Typist' threat.

Remember this from last year? Out of the blue Iran chose to single out the speedy normal type Pokemon. Banning all broadcasts featuring the slinky Pokemon, pokedex #53. The " BBC Persian, which will go on air next week, will be used by British intelligence for "espionage and psychological warfare", according to Iranian officials. " Were Team Rocket involved? Bizarrely, Meowth were fine. Original story here and super-mad-props to Rob is Gay who has given us enough of these to run with forever.

Live Blogging on Location

Hey kids. Why the sexed up new site you might ask? Well we're expecting the droves to flock to TGAM as soon as the press releases go out for TGAM:The Movie . The old black layout was sufficient for our regular customers but now we have to cater for real people. So, TGAM: The Movie has just begun shooting following generous support from an anonymous big games company which makes fighting games and survival horror games. This renewed support was not at all in response to threats made here about releasing any viruses. No siree. It's the first day of shooting. This still here is from one of my favourite scenes, Scene 24 : Jill Valentine does explosive diarrhea before all the cosplay faeces fetish sexing starts. There's a great joke about "explosive rounds" just after this bit. That is actually Sienna Guillory who played Jill Valentine in the Resident Evil films. She is happy to be reprising her role in a film that actually bears some resemblence to Resident

Happy Birthday Type-O

Yes Richie, or Type-O, as he is now known is enjoying his birthday so we gave him the day off work. This was not in some kind of sickening act of kindness but a lead in into our newest competition.: What did Richie do on his birthday? Here are suggestions but only the secret webcam knows. And me, I know. 1) Wanking, just wanking- 17 votes 2) Playing Guitar Hero and Wanking- 5 votes 3) Smoking and Wanking- 2 votes 4) Watching anime and smoking- 14 votes 5) Watching anime and wanking - 204 votes 6) Playing GTA San Andreas and taking photos of dead prostitutes' splayed legs interspersed with wanking- 1 vote 7) Playing WoW- 4 votes 8) Playing WoW and wanking- 145 votes 9) Wanking and Crying- 3 votes 10) Wanking over this - 1 vote 11) Making " The Real Umbrella" but getting as far as wanking- 26 votes 12) Wanking over pictures of himself wanking- 0 votes 13) Watching anime and switching between smoking and wanking- 4356 votes 14) Going to the pub and wanking in the la

That Guy's A Hypocrite

Yeah. Yeah we're hypocrites. Not so long ago we used to call the Xbox 360 the Gaybox 360 (back in our homophobic days but, like all my friends are gay so whatever) and we used to call the Wii the StupidNintendoNoReleasesInEurope-Machine. We still call the Wii the StupidNintendoNoReleasesInEurope-Machine but that's besides the point. Now we are widely perceived by the mass readership as Sony-haters. Well, Mr. I don't particularly like or hate Sony in the same way that I don't love or hate Rowntrees, Oxo or YKK (the zip brand. I fucking hate YKK as a first name and I hate people who call zips, zippers). Anyway,here we cum buckets for Sony and this is why: 1) Timesplitters and Timesplitters 2. (Yeah but the GameCube..NOPE) 2) GTA (Yeah but the Xbox...FUCK OFF) Here is TEN reasons why you should buy a PS3, right now: 1) Because you are a bender (robot not rear gunner). 2) To go down in history as the 5th person to buy a PS3 in the world. 3) To prop up your TV.

Sony has the all-clear

It's true. Once tainted with the gay disease sony has gone into remission and is now clear of dirty bum disease (DBD). What prompts this contentious message you ask? Well looks like the PS3's Home may well destroy or at least take the limelight from Second Life. Check it . Although I don't agree that this will be the case it's a step in the right direction. All of those clammy handed Second Lifers who are currently complaining that Second Life has become "too commercial" or "too popular" will be the same Second Lifers who will be in Second Life the day they switch the servers off. Unlucky San Fransicians, looks like everyone else has copied your idea and they'll be doing it better anytime soon. Some SLers have fought back by saying that "platforms" or dare I say it "multiverses" that are too popular will be filled with griefers and teenagers who "don't play in the spirit of the game". Better that than a bunch o