Happy Birthday Type-O

Yes Richie, or Type-O, as he is now known is enjoying his birthday so we gave him the day off work. This was not in some kind of sickening act of kindness but a lead in into our newest competition.: What did Richie do on his birthday?
Here are suggestions but only the secret webcam knows. And me, I know.

1) Wanking, just wanking- 17 votes
2) Playing Guitar Hero and Wanking- 5 votes
3) Smoking and Wanking- 2 votes
4) Watching anime and smoking- 14 votes
5) Watching anime and wanking - 204 votes
6) Playing GTA San Andreas and taking photos of dead prostitutes' splayed legs interspersed with wanking- 1 vote
7) Playing WoW- 4 votes
8) Playing WoW and wanking- 145 votes
9) Wanking and Crying- 3 votes
10) Wanking over this- 1 vote
11) Making "The Real Umbrella" but getting as far as wanking- 26 votes
12) Wanking over pictures of himself wanking- 0 votes
13) Watching anime and switching between smoking and wanking- 4356 votes
14) Going to the pub and wanking in the ladies toilet- 6 votes
15) Not wanking but wanting to. Badly. - 467 votes

So Happy Birthday Richie/Type O and we all wish we could be with you to celebrate although you gotta be careful because if you get any on the seat then you'll be an unwitting Dad again.....


  1. The answer was seret option 16)Sleeping most of the day and playing a bit of guitar hero

  2. Anonymous09:33

    Having issues with the "C" button?

  3. Anonymous20:05

    17) Eating Birthday cake with family and wanking


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