Help Wanted

We have a mission for someone who has more willpower than us, access to technology and a second life account.
Could you please make a music video of Hunk from Resident Evil 2 (-onwards) dancing step for step like Rihanna in her video for Umbrella. It should be called "The real Umbrella"

Be sure to focus a lot on the Umbrella logo on his back okay?

What do you get out of it? Well we have to insist that the credits are at the end but you can go on about all the losers on your AMV forums and how they helped you so much. Hell, you could even use 'lulz' and we might not kick you so swiftly in the chads. Also, if it's any good we'll announce as the game video of the year and that's an accolade you want from the World's Second Greatest Video Game blog of all time.

Oh, also at the point with all the men writhing on the floor could you please do that bit with Tofu, also from Resident Evil 2. Thx


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