All the cool kids are doing it......#2

Do you remember the post called All the cool kids are doing it.....? I don't. Anyway this is the second post with this title which, makes it another feature I guess. We have lots of features here at TGAM. It's why we are the second greatest videogame blog of all time scientifically proved don't cha know.

Anyway lots of the third rate games magazines (Official Nintendo Magazine, Official Playstation magazine etc.) have been including these little crazy look-alike features which they use to fill up column inches because they can't write enough good copy. So there will be a picture of some guy from Eastenders next to a photo of some guy from a game and they will label them with the names the wrong way round. HA hahahahahaha. Everyone laughs. Except! SPONTANEOUS PUBLIC SERVICE MESSAGE When people read games magazines they don't want to be reminded of the real world and their real life. There should be nothing but games from cover to cover. Adverts for other games, reviews of games, news about games and interviews with games people. Nothing else. As soon as you mention characters from TV, or worse, sport, or show an advert for aftershave or clothes people get depressed and think "I shouldn't be reading a games magazine. I'm not a child. I should do some real life things like the people off of telly or in't perfume ads". Even though their real life responsibilities get as exciting as do the laundry or taking the labels off of cans for the recycling, or go online and pay the council tax etc. It makes them put down the mag and depresses them. So keep it out of the games mags. Okay?

Anyway, here's TGAM lookalike. It's funny no?

Can you see the difference? I'll give you a clue, one is a really shitty Pokemon. Bug and flying pish. Go away.

In a similar but unrelated note doing this post reminded me of Jersey Devil. I miss you Jersey Devil. You never really had a chance to shine, you didn't stand out in the glut of other crappy platformers and now you are gone for good. :(


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