Gotta Name them All!

This month's EDGE (181) featured a cool virtual tube (underground/metro or playmobil train set in the case of Glasgow) map on the inside of their back over. Scans coming soon. Anyway each stop featured a virtual setting.

Can you name the games? Can you name them all?

Cerobi Steppe,Frosty Retreat, Station Square, Nibenay Basin, Gates of Rixis, Brinstar,Ironforge, Bowerstone, Thunder Bluff, Jolly Roger Bay, Dullstown, Skingrad, Gizzard Gulch, Burial Mounds, Cosmo Canyon, Mammago's Garage, Vinewood, Barheim Passage, Nova Prospekt, Monkey Islands, Wario Stadium, Big Surf Groove, Goro's Lair, Blood Gulch, Battle Creek, Mushroom Rock Road, Shady Sands, Kamiki Village, Silk Road Ruins, Phendrana Drifts, Quartz Quadrant, Zack Island, Portland, Sherman Dam, Carrick Point, Death Peak, La Razza Canal, Modesto Heights, Gaia's Navel, North Point, Kakariko Village, Old Bullworth Vale, Ravenholm, Sunset Penninsula, Terramax, Mumbo's Mountain, Tulip Garden, Simian Acres, Spring Valley, Jacinto Plateau, Sirena Beach, Stonemarket, Kokiri Forest, Rubacava, Oakvale, Liang Province, Vinculum Gate, Londo, Hyrule Field, Sasa Sancctuary, Bianco Hills, Hazel Street, Tairon, Woodsise Apts, Union Hill District, Bachman Road, Fort Frolic, Brookhaven Hospital, Grind Square, High Charity, Thurvean Sector, Luca, Littleroot Town, Dustwallow Marsh, Devil's Canyon, Vivec, Lake Oblongata, Croft Manor, Vennicio, Bhujerba, Dobuita, Balance Valley, Sky Downtown, Neversdale, Soft Museum, Badlands, Ricco Harbour, Shoreside Vale, Rainbow Road, Twinkie Park, Wonderland Plaza, Smashville, Silvercreek Dam, Widow's Patch, Mortvia Aqueduct, Fire Field, Battery Park, Fjorkin Village, Datadyne Central

I can't!


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