Hellgate: London Beta: The Review

Yeah. So, we at Thatguys were given a Hellgate: London beta key… and after a while of downloading, installing and playing. We have come to the conclusion that it is a solid 6/10. The game does well at integrating MMO and FPS, it removes that turn-based feeling you get with most MMOs. It is more action based and I already got the feeling that boss encounters will allow Leet FPS players to really shine. However I lost ALL faith at the character creation screen. I was not sure what to expect from HG:L but, from the creators of Diablo, I will be honest I expected more than a pretty “cyberpunk” game. Yes that’s right cyberpunk, I hate the word almost as much as I hate the “movement”, couple with that with the hairstyle choices… Ugh… there was an option for some blatantly emo haircuts.

The emo swish was actually reversible, I dunno if that actually makes a difference in the emo world, Is it like a message to other emos?

Left eye covered – Suicidal.
Right eye covered – Attention seeking.

What a depressing prospect for the future, the apocalypse I can handle, Hell on earth I can handle, but the world being populated with emo cyberpunks…

Anyways as such I don’t think I can relate with characters, I much more on the side of the Zombies. Ha! They should do that, Like WoW has Horde and Allies, HG:L could have Zombies and Emos.

So to conclude HG:L not as good as it should be.



  1. Though... I did fing it amusing in the Looking for group chat, when someone asked "Anyone up for the British Museum"

  2. Oh Ri...Type-O I don't think you get it. This isn't a sci-fi game this is a real time feed of the streets of London.

    Armed with that insider knowledge here's my review.

    Very dark and a bit Project Eden. 6/10


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