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Top 50 games of the decade: A commentary

While looking for images of anthropomorphized versions of the new pokemon with their tits out, we stumbled upon some clickbait. Not just any clickbait, metacritic showing us a definitive fact based, unbiased top 50 games of the 2010's:

1. Super Mario Galaxy 2 (Wii, 2010) 97
2. The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild (Switch, 2017) 97
3. Red Dead Redemption 2 (PlayStation 4, 2018) 97
4. Grand Theft Auto V (PlayStation 4, 2014) 97
5. Super Mario Odyssey (Switch, 2017) 97
6. Mass Effect 2 (Xbox 360, 2010) 96
7. The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim (Xbox 360, 2011) 96
8. The Last of Us (PlayStation 3, 2013) 95
9. The Last of Us Remastered (PlayStation 4, 2014) 95
10. Red Dead Redemption (Xbox 360, 2010) 95
11. Portal 2 (Xbox 360, 2011) 95
12. God of War (PlayStation 4, 2018) 94
13. Batman: Arkham City (Xbox 360, 2011) 94
14. The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time 3D (3DS, 2011) 94
15. BioShock Infinite (PC, 2013) 94
16. Pac-Man Championship Edition DX (Xbox 360, 2010) 93
17. Divinity: Original …

Acid Rounds: Animal Crossing: Amiibo Festival (Wii U)

Acid rounds is a semi regular, irregular spot on TGAM for games we have beasted from start to finish.

Richie: Oh another Animal Crossing game! I take it you are back to the island, lording it up as Mayor, collecting bugs, paying off your Mortgages, but this time with Amiibos?
Cunzy1 1: No. Not even. I'll level with you. This is one of the worst games I ever played. Imagine an Animal Crossing themed Mario Party board game. Without the minigames. And one board. And you have to have an Animal Crossing amiibo figure (not cards) for each player. And instead of using a controller you tap amiibos. That is this game.

Richie: Does this one address the disturbing relationship between the typically predator type animals and the more "prey" type animals i.e. How do Bianca the Tiger and Chief the Wolf maintain acceptable relationships with the plethora of herbivores which normally serve as food out there?
Cunzy1 1: No.

Richie: I mean the townsfolk and NPCs are more than likely just wearin…

Still Doing the Dailies

We're still doing the dailies but how have they changed in the last eleven years?

Pokémon quested, rumbled, shuffled, dueled, 'GO'd' and picrossed. Pokédex challenged. Streets (ever so rarely now) passed. Amiibos tapped (x3), gem apples harvested, wandering adventures summoned (x2). Islanders fed, watered and subdued. Quests assigned. Salmon runsed. Shops shopped. Spirits boarded. Mystery gifts still collected.

Dailies. Dailies never changes.

In Love With The Nintendo Switch Capture Button

With the Nintendo Switch's Capture button it's never been easier to snap a screenshot or your favourite games as you play them. Something that Nintendo has never been great at up until now, beyond titles that offer their own screenie buttons or with a strange Miiverse faff on the Wii U. It's not the most straight forward to actually get the images off of the Switch but we've done it to share some of our favourite screenshots from all the Switch titles we've been playing recently.

(Is this even a Switch screenshot?- Ed.)

 Happy Screenshotting!


It takes a rare kind of game to awaken us from near permanent retirement from TGAM blogging but Nintendo's new Masterpiece, Miitopia is such a game. Love 'em or hate 'em Miis have been around for eleven years now and they've certainly outlasted the Xbox avatars (have they? I've not checked. Which Xbox are we on now) and whatever those fugly things were on PlayStation.

We've had plenty of good times with Miis over the years, racing karts, fishing fish, golfing golfs as well as giving Nintendo personal information about preferences through Miitomo (is this still a thing?). Team TGAM loved Tomodachi Life even though there wasn't that much to do in it, we still spent a combined 298 hours and 28 minutes doing it. Miitopia is what Tomodachi Life should have been and frankly, should have been released in 2007 but it's here now.

The premise is simple, take the fairly standard JRPG trappings, job system, populate the world with your Miis for your main party and …


Animal Crossing: Happy Home Designer for Nintendo 3DS
Animal Crossing: Happy Home Designer. GAME OF THE YEAR 2015.

A Special Day

We love Animal Crossing. Especially the festival days but no day is better than a Beached Samus day!

 Happy days!

Marcel on E3

Wait. You too? How did he?...

Soul Calibur V: This is what it's about now.

The other character is supposed to be Lightning from FFXIII but is pretty poor The Dragonborn looks the part though! And I love the arrow in the knee!

Love and There should be a word to describe being bored and trawling though YouTube,

Richie X


The genius of Animal Crossing is that in the early days, you find new furniture, clothes, insects, fish and all the other items at such a rate you quite quickly become adept at organising your inventory and running back and forth to Tom Nook's shop a la Diablo. As time goes on, new items get rarer and rarer. Finding and catching those last elusive fish and insects become all night hunts, camping rivers and beaches to catch that damn tarantula or coelacanth. Weekly shopping trips to Crazy Redd get so disappointing as you look for that last painting or obscure bit of furniture. The good days get rarer. UNTIL TONIGHTS BUMPER HARVEST THAT IS!

Perhaps the lucky clover had something to do with it?

FINALLY Crazy Redd gave up the Triforce. By comparison, Link's various quests for the Triforce are a cake walk.

One of the elusive squid visitors moved to town! I'd begun to believe they didn't exist. Like Animal Crossing's own Nessy or Jesus. We were resigned to the fact that the…

The Music of..... Animal Crossing: Let's Go To The City

Nintendo fans will know that if you buy new Nintendo games you get a little voucher which you can redeem online to earn Nintendo stars. In order to get the stars you have to fill out a quick survey about where you saw the game advertised, where you bought it from, who plays it etc. In return you earn nintendo stars- normally 250 per game and more for a console or handheld. You can then redeem these for exclusive nintendo gifts. Back in the gamecube days these would be pretty sad affairs, ringtones or desktop wallpapers. More recently though there have been some really nifty bits and pieces and seeing as the stars you earn are "free", why not splash out. In the past I've got a stuffed pikmin, a wiiwheel keyring and a metal pokemon DS game case (albeit in Spanish, however, as much as I begrudge it within two weeks of receiving it a bookcase fell on it and the metal case saved my DS games). It had been a while since I'd redeemed any stars and so I browsed through the ca…

1001 Video Games You Must Play Before You Die

Is a great little (well, big actually) book compiled by the usual suspects (I wonder if the guys from ONM ever wonder why they never ever get asked to contribute to anything like this?). Put simply, this book lists 1001 video games you must play before you die. It is of course obligatory to now go through and list the shocking omissions and where they chose the wrong games but it is a very well balanced selection. Normally lists like this tend to neglect recent games but there's a good spread of games throughout time and space. There are 1001 of them though.

How many have we played? Well I've played 155 of them. There's some odd choices but I don't envy making the selection. For example, which Street Fighter games make the list and which don't? Also, if you were to take the premise of this book very seriously and only had months to live must you really play both Advance Wars and Advance Wars Dual Strike?

The book isn't without its errors don'tcha know? After …

Animal Crossing Racism-Round 2

Not happy just to have baabara running around dropping the n-bomb Nintendo have turned their racist little eyes onto the Scots.
Yes starting from last night and up until the 1st of February, you too could download the "I hate the Scots" hat for Animal Crossing Wii. Complete with ginger hair and tartan Tam o shanter. You too can recreate Glasgow on a Saturday night by dressing like a stereotype heckling K.K.Slider and then vomiting into the river before dying of hypothermia and obesity.

Nintendo have yet to confirm the car bomb furniture set for St Patrick's day.

Gamer Laureate

Some things aren't good enough for that other site we occassionally write for. And then sometimes we forget we've some stuff that doesn't get published and then it becomes out of date and then we post it here. Here is one such fine post.

You may all be delighted to have heard of the recent appointment of Carol Ann Duffy as the first female, first Scot and first openly bisexual person to become the poet laureate of the United States of the Kingdom of the UK. Congrats to Carol. Good job. But what does a poet laureate actually do you may ask? Aside from being a staple answer to a pub quiz question (and with three firsts Carol Ann Duffy will be the answer to trivial pursuit questions for many many years to come) a poet laureate composes poetry for state events as well as being a spokesperson for poetry. To disseminate its worth and to kindle the eternal flame of poetry at all costs. After all, there are few forms of media that will help you to get laid, 'I directed a …