The genius of Animal Crossing is that in the early days, you find new furniture, clothes, insects, fish and all the other items at such a rate you quite quickly become adept at organising your inventory and running back and forth to Tom Nook's shop a la Diablo. As time goes on, new items get rarer and rarer. Finding and catching those last elusive fish and insects become all night hunts, camping rivers and beaches to catch that damn tarantula or coelacanth. Weekly shopping trips to Crazy Redd get so disappointing as you look for that last painting or obscure bit of furniture. The good days get rarer. UNTIL TONIGHTS BUMPER HARVEST THAT IS!

Perhaps the lucky clover had something to do with it?

FINALLY Crazy Redd gave up the Triforce. By comparison, Link's various quests for the Triforce are a cake walk.

One of the elusive squid visitors moved to town! I'd begun to believe they didn't exist. Like Animal Crossing's own Nessy or Jesus. We were resigned to the fact that the village would be full of frogs and cats for the rest of time.

AT LAST. Giant Bloody Petaltail. Two minutes before a full two hours of running around Gaywood with a bug net, I caught one!


Yeah, damn right Mayor. Bestow upon me great gifts. If it had been up to to the other villagers the museum would still be half full. Although, in all honesty, I would have appreciated the golden net before I'd caught every single insect. Thanks guy.


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