The Music of..... Animal Crossing: Let's Go To The City

Nintendo fans will know that if you buy new Nintendo games you get a little voucher which you can redeem online to earn Nintendo stars. In order to get the stars you have to fill out a quick survey about where you saw the game advertised, where you bought it from, who plays it etc. In return you earn nintendo stars- normally 250 per game and more for a console or handheld. You can then redeem these for exclusive nintendo gifts. Back in the gamecube days these would be pretty sad affairs, ringtones or desktop wallpapers. More recently though there have been some really nifty bits and pieces and seeing as the stars you earn are "free", why not splash out. In the past I've got a stuffed pikmin, a wiiwheel keyring and a metal pokemon DS game case (albeit in Spanish, however, as much as I begrudge it within two weeks of receiving it a bookcase fell on it and the metal case saved my DS games). It had been a while since I'd redeemed any stars and so I browsed through the catalogue and couldn't resist ordering the Animal Crossing OST. Why not? Of course I could probably rip the mp3s from the internet but I actually like having physical stuff. I like having a music, book, DVD and game library to browse. Sometimes just look at or rearrange. We'll miss boxed products if those games companies get their way and make everything digital.

Normally for no reason known to man it takes about a month and a half for the stuff to be delivered but the CD turned up within the week. Much to my surprise I really enjoy it! Now we're a bit fanatical when it comes to the music of video games. To the point where we shun all other music.

The CD is mostly composed of K.K.Slider tracks. Don't know who K.K.Slider is? He's a musician who turns up on Saturdays and plays music. He then gives you a copy of the song to play back at your home. However, he sings in Animalese. It's a bit mental.

OMG in looking for that video I've just discovered the world of K.K.Slider remixes of popular songs. This is both brilliant and horrific.

Considering you only hear most of the K.K. songs once in the game, listening to the OF COURSE THERE IS A K.K.Numa Numa.

Imperial March obviously. How did I not know about this? K.K.Thriller.

Right, well the CD is good but I have to now go and listen to all these horrific versions of otherwise popular songs.

UPDATE: K.K.Still Alive


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