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Ninja Theory "the big retail model is creaking" and "the digital revolution can't come soon enough" Via EDGE

Yeah sure it can't. Especially when you can't be bothered to do any market research before you spend three years and millions of pounds on making a game, do any proper marketing, don't do product support beyond launch day, you don't even sell your own game through your website*, new or pre-owned copies aren't available on the high street after week 1 and you don't do much localisation beyond English. Yeah. Gee. I wonder why your products haven't been selling like hot cakes. Boo hoo.

* In fact on their official website they haven't even bothered to list their game Enslaved. You know the one that came out almost a year ago.**

** In fact...

subject: Your website kinda sucks

To "The Webmaster"

You haven't even listed Enslaved yet, you don't tell people where they can buy your games, you don't even bother to link in all those press interviews and your latest news post is five months old. Are you still an active company or have you gone bust?

Do you have a web marketing person? If not I'd be happy to do it for twenty quid a week.

Kind regards

Cunzy1 1

UPDATE: Looks like they finally changed their website. Didn't get an email back either :(


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