Omastar Comics, Big News!

Hey kids, remember Omastar Comics, TGAM's hit webcomic featuring everyone's favourite fictional ammonite parody? Well there's a reason there hasn't been a new comic since April and that's because we've been in discussions with a major film studio to turn it into a film! Because films based on comics are always awesome right? There might be a game of the film too but that is still under discussion. Imagine being able to play as Omastar in a video game? Amazing.

Here's a sneak peek at the current draft of the script for Omastar: The Movie.


AN ORIGINAL SCREENPLAY BY Cunzy1 1, Richie!, Đoþþelgänger

September 10, 2011 Directors' Revisions




Blue, deep and featureless, the twilight of five hundred feet down. PROPELLER SOUND. Materializing out of the blue limbo is the enormous but sleek form of a Hoenn-class ballistic missile submarine. INT. S.S.Driftveil -- In the attack centre, darkened to womb-red, the crew's faces shine with sweat in the glow of their instruments. STARYU and MR MIME crowd around RATICATE, operating a sonar display.
STARYU Hyuuuup? Hyup, hyup, hyup!.
RATICATE Rrrraticate, raticate. Rrrrrrrrraticate. Raticate.... raticate.
Raticate puts the signal onto a speaker and everyone in the attack room listens to the intruder's acoustic signature, a strange THRUMMING. Staryu studies the electronic position board, a graphic representation of the contours of the steep-walled canyon, a symbol for the Driftveil, and converging with it, an amorphous trace, representing the bogey.
STARYU Hyuuuup?
MR MIME Mime, mime mime. Mr Mime! Mr Mime
RATICATE Rrrraticate! Rrrraticate!
MR MIME Mr mime....
RATICATE Rrraticate. Rat rat raticate, rrraticate.
SLOWPOKE (simultaneously) Slooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooow.
MR MIME (low, to Staryu) Mr mime mime mr.
STARYU Hyuuup. hyup, hyup. hyup. Hyup.
GARDEVOIR Gardevoir gardevoir!
BELLOSSOM (Whilst dancing) Bell. Bell, belloooosom!
MR MIME Mime mr mime mime! Mime mime mime mime mr.
RATICATE Raticate rat raticate, raticate,. Raticate raticate...raticate!
MR MIME (really freaked now) Mr mime mime mr mr mime!
Suddenly the control room lights dim almost to blackness. EXT. S.S.Driftveil We see only the effect, not the source, as a large diffuse light passes rapidly under the sub's hull. Moments later a shockwave, like an underwater sonic boom, impacts the sub, slamming it sideways.

Exciting stuff we think you'll agree. We'll let you know more as soon as we have it.


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