Autumn Gaming; things are looking good!

As summer begins to close its legs to the sporadic penetration from the suns rays, and winters chill creeps its icy fingers up those luscious thighs, we get stuck in the limbo that is Autumn, leaves turn brown and fall, but most importantly the nights get longer and darker. And thus we are justified in sitting in front of the box rather than constantly saying to ourselves that we need to get outside and soak up that hokum "Vitamin D".

Rather than catching up on that latest drama series, or episodes of Family Guy, don't you thing you should give your console some love?

This Autumn, Xmas comes early with a plethora of KILLER games, we kicked off the season a week ago with the much awaited and highly regarded sequel to Deus Ex! Booya some Sci-fi Action RPG with some beautiful and haunting sci-fi goodness. A long awaiting sequel that is a swing and a "hit" that hardly ever happens! but we also has some mishaps XBLA and PSN got the Mortal Kombat Arcade Kollection which as fun as it was to revisit, it was dire, full of bugs and glitches. In general MKAK was one to miss, with Street Fighter III re-release proving to be better to get your retro fighter needs on.

But that is not all! as the lead up to Xmas draws ever closer, these cunning marketing departments are hoping to see more and more of these games under the tree. The biggest ones are Skyrim, the fifth in the elder scrolls series, dragons, magic, cat-people, but sadly no Sean Bean or Captain Picard. Secondly we have Gears of War 3, more shooty-hidey action, and this time with tits! We also have the compulsory Modern of Duty: Medal of War: Battlefield 5: Shoot the Terrorists! Now with more realistic gun reloading sounds. There is also the lukewarm Dead Island, everyone was fapping over this games first announcement trailer, "ZOMG little girl zombie!", unfortunately after E3and the various other games shows the game seemed mediocre. The PC is also getting a lot of Love, Diablo III makes itself known, Star Wars: The Old Republic, is making everyone polish their 3PO. On the XBLA/PSN side We have finally got RE4 and RE:Code Veronica HD-ized! Fuck yeah yet another platform for me to Play RE4 on, (GC, Wii, PS2, PC was not enough).

Now that summer is over and the nights grow longer you have no excuse, get on that sofa and play the fuck out of these stonkers!

P.S. The Wii has a new Zelda game.

Love and Sexy seasonal analogies

Richie X


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