1001 Video Games You Must Play Before You Die

This is a picture of a woman in a blue dress ever so gently slipping an ice cube up her
Is a great little (well, big actually) book compiled by the usual suspects (I wonder if the guys from ONM ever wonder why they never ever get asked to contribute to anything like this?). Put simply, this book lists 1001 video games you must play before you die. It is of course obligatory to now go through and list the shocking omissions and where they chose the wrong games but it is a very well balanced selection. Normally lists like this tend to neglect recent games but there's a good spread of games throughout time and space. There are 1001 of them though.

How many have we played? Well I've played 155 of them. There's some odd choices but I don't envy making the selection. For example, which Street Fighter games make the list and which don't? Also, if you were to take the premise of this book very seriously and only had months to live must you really play both Advance Wars and Advance Wars Dual Strike?

The book isn't without its errors don'tcha know? After but a cursory examination some glaring errors have seriously undermined my enjoyment of this book.The above image wasn't what the alt text said but I do like to titillate those of you experiencing this post using a screen reader For example Grand Theft Auto 2 is listed in the wrong position in the Index of Games by Title (not acceptable) and in the entry for Animal Crossing: Wild World, Brewster is listed as an Owl. A FUCKING OWL? Does this look like an Owl Christian Donlan, regular contributor to Edge and Eurogamer? It is a pigeon you mug. Hacks. All of 'em. We've written to the press complaints committee. Hopefully his license will be revoked.

Otherwise a jolly nice book.


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