Turns out we're pretty odd

This excellent little piece is up on Inside Voice about what we mean by the average gamer. It's worth a read. We're constantly worried on behalf of the nation of gamers in that the term gamer doesn't mean anything anymore. "I play WoW exclusively" is not the same person as "I only play Fifa and CoD on Friday nights after the pub". But what we love about the post is the following list quoted word for word:

* Facebook has become the platform of choice for the average gamer.
* The iPhone has taken over as the most popular platform for the average gamer.
* The console continues to be the primary gaming platform for the average gamer.
* Due to the massive popularity of free-to-play, the average gamer won’t pay for anything anymore.
* The average gamer has a subscription to Live.
* The average gamer loves microtransactions and cannot wait to buy absolutely anything offered for sale.
* The average gamer doesn’t have any online friends, is unfamiliar with chat, and would never imagine asking a question in a general chat channel while playing a MMO.
* The average gamer is a member of a younger generation characterized by familiarity with technology and a desire to be constantly in touch with friends via things like texting, Twitter, and Facebook.
* The average gamer is in his mid-30s and gets older every year.
* The average gamer is (or soon will be) female.
* The average gamer only wants a “bite-size”, casual experience.
* Competitive PvP is very important to the average gamer.

Only one of the above is true for me and the sentiment in the post helps to explain how as a gamer (in my own terms) I often find myself ostracized or isolated from what the gaming industry thinks I want or worse what I get told I want. I'm not your average gamer and neither are you.


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