Anyone would think Nintendo had already pulled the plug on the Wii and DS

The news networks are full of 3DS spam today, this week, this year . Paucity of information, waist deep in nonsense. Even better are the gazillion reviews that start with "you can't see how brilliant it is without actually seeing it". Still they type on for another couple of thousand words. They still bother with screenshot galleries. We'd be a little less interested if 85% of the 3DS are literally remakes of older games. But 'in 3D'. I missed the caveats in reviews for Ocarina of Time that end with 90% would have been 100 were it just in 3D. The endless boring pointless speculation. Is this the price? Is that too much or too little? Is a thing which isn't out yet sell for an appropriate price? That's cutting edge analysis right there. Yes? No maybe? The real answer is nobody knows yet. Stop asking. Video game 'journalism' really is at its desperate ugly low around a new product launch and as much as we may or may not appreciate the new system I'd much rather here about the games for the one I already have, you know the world's most popular handheld system (with proper games)? Or are we just going to pull the plug on the DS because we all know that the only true measure of success in this industry is raw hardware sales. That's the magic number. Everyone in the world now has our system which means our figures are going to look rubbish so I guess we should release a new system? Or the PSP model of just slightly upgrading a failing system and keep selling it over and over to the same six people (the PSP has a respectable 1:1 ratio of years it has been on the market and games that make the system a must-own for discerning gamers).


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