It's that time again. New console/handheld device time. Time for endless coverage. How does it smell? What comes in the box with it? How long is the power cord? How many minutes will it survive in a hot glass of milk?

It's tiresome and we're pretty sick of all the video game news outlets just abandoning normal service to churn out endless insignificant details.

We're almost tempted to abandon proper gaming to try out all that iphone shit so we don't have to filter through 40 posts about what scientifically feasible colours a 3DS could or might come in. Even worse is that you can't see the fucking 3D effect through shitty videos. Can't we just this once keep everything a surprise? Can we? Let us not spoil it so that we've all rated and reviewed every single game and feature before it has even come out. Whilst we're at it, the DS is still the best platform currently available to people. Let's show it some love before buying all the games we have already for a sixth time on yet another nintendo machine?

For every piece of trite 3DS news that is posted we'll commit acts of terror on acts of niceness on international airports.


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