Today is EDGE day! (In the interests of appeasing long suffering TGAM WaG/BS we've been asked to make our content more accessible so here goes). EDGE is one of the finest magazines about gaming in our humble opinion. It's the [INSERT ACCEPTABLY RECOGNISED FASHION MAGAZINE NAME] of gaming. It normally takes us a good fortnight to read through all of it, every single word, but on the first EDGE day the ritual is to read the editorial and the first couple of articles (the looking forward article in this month's mag is both excellent and depressing at the same time) then flick through reading Continue/Quit, Website of the month and internet game of the month before absorbing the ever wise words of Steven Poole. The magazine is then closed until a deeper reading sometime later. However, on the flick through earlier our eyes were caught by an ad similar to this one-but not this one, for what looks like yet another fantasy MMO we're not going to play called Rift.

Not even the advertFor blind readers, the advert (not the one above) is a picture of a half naked hotty with some swords facing off against evil skeleton people dressed in black and a zombie crawling out of the ground. There's a forest on the left and a snow covered mountain in the background. The words "We're not in Azeroth anymore" go across the advert and then, somewhat shooting itself in the foot there's some screenshots in the corner showing that the ad artwork is a bit of an embellishment. In the actual game everyone seems to be surrounded with cartoon lightning presumably in homage to the fireworks from Tekken 2 employed to cover up poor contact physics.
First off, in our never ending tirade against how infantile the games industry can be sometimes, I'm writing a post about an advert for your game, Trion Worlds, and I can't find an image of the actual fucking advert. Good job morons. The image above is from a fan site and not even the jedi I was looking for. Lesser internet scum would describe that as an advertising fail. I'm willing to give you some free airtime (albeit to two readers) and now I'm complaining about how you can't even market your product very well.
Secondly, imagining that I had found the proper ad and not the above screenshot from a TV spot, is it a particularly good advert anyway? Most MMO developers wheel out the we're-not-competing-with-wow-rhetoric and the guys behind Rift are to be applauded for being so balls-out but then by emblazoning their ad with the name of the world that umm warcraft happens (Azeroth, keep up WaG/Bs) is surely a bit counter-productive. Any potential new MMO players won't know what the fuck you are talking about and half of the WoWers who see the advert will be pavlovianly drawn back for a couple of hours of WoW at the mere suggestion of Azeroth.
Lastly, quite how a zombie, a necromancer, two ghosts and a scantily clad amazon demonstrate non-wowness is a little beyond us.....


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