Albert berates the Paed

Most proper gamers would probably not engage with those silly little channels on the Wii menu like Everybody votes or the Mii Contest Channel. We do though and this piece of machinimart is the direct result of such engagements Is the contest channel really a game? Is it machinimart? Or just art? It's neither. This is high art.

WANKY BOLLOCKS. The digital image depicts an angry Albert Wesker standing over a prostrate Paedo Stu. Wesker, a super human cunning soldier and scientist stands over a fallen Stu. Or is Stu enticing Wesker? Either way, Wesker seems to be shouting PlayStation QTEs at him. How will Stu react?

More secret fanfiction for the sight enabled. Part 2. She then popped out here sinewy bosom and they did it in all three positions before everybody came and told each other they loved each other.
MORE NONSENSE This image is from the game Little King's Story and really examines age appropriation and how well games are tested. Is bewbies really a suitable term for seven year olds? Will Worhar ever make its way into the OED or is that just for serious words like Zig-a-zig-ah and ugh LOL?

These images and others by the TGAM Art Collective willn't be on display in the National Gallery of England from the 21st of March to the 14 April in an exhibition called Goddammit Why Do I Have To Take Photos Of The TV On My Shitty Phone.


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