Capcom's Monthly Loony Statement

This is probably true which is why we don't consider ourselves gamers anymore. We're just some outmoded relic who doesn't enjoy the flimsy, unreliable, download four updates every time you log in, this game was actually a better minigame in a proper game and jesus fuck who needs to play games on the bus anyway? type of gamer which is neither casual or hardcore. It's sad really because our pining for proper games equates us to that particular breed of film buff who only watches films with subtitles or films that are in black and white. Don't get us wrong, there's nothing wrong with a bit of [POPULAR MOBILE GAME IN THE GUARDIAN THIS WEEK] or [FACEBOOK GAME #1] but they don't quite provide the same level of fun as a game of Hogs of War or Wii Party nor do they really offer the rich experiences of Resident Evil or Uncharted. Oh well. Let's jump on the bandwagon then shall we? Come on Capcom please do stop making those excellent big releases like Dead Rising 2 and MVC3 and do a game where you have to poke the world's tiniest screen with your finger to make Megaman punch a water melon.

You do that.


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