Cannon Fodder 3

WAR! - never been so much fun!

Go to your brother, Kill him with your gun
Leave him lying in his uniform, Dying in the sun!


Cannon Fodder 3 has been announced from Codemasters!

For PC and 360!

It's been so long!

Incidentally, whilst searching on google image for the iconic poppy image above I stumbled across this gem:
Itsa retro pixelated naked butt chick, in a passionate embrace with a green scaley fish man, in the woods at night, with two dragons rising up between them. Classic.

These kinds of images were iconic of the "demoscene" back in the day, trippy nonsensical music and imagary just as a launch before you ran your likely pirated software. 

Gotta love it.

Love and interspecies midnight forest dragon sexing,

Richie X.


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