Questions for 2012...

In a future retrospective article. 

We have decided to pose ourselves some questions to answer for 2012

Dear Cunzy11, 

Did you...
Finish Monster Hunter tri?
Buy Pokemon White?
Beat Richie with some cheaty pokemon in great pokemon clash 2011?
Buy an HD console?
Buy a 3DS like a gormless new tech adopting twat?
Get past that bit on Alien Resurrection yet?
Play a single XBLA, Virtual Console, Wiiware or PSN game?

Dear Richie,

Did you...
Thousand any games this year?
Play any games in the top 10 Metacritic scores this year?
Buy Pokemon black?
Resist WoW all year?
Gold star every song on Rock Band 3 with every instrument?
Play a single XBLA, Virtual Console, Wiiware or PSN game?

Dear Games  Industry,

Did you...
Release the 3DS?
Release No More Heroes for the 360?
Announce the Next Blizzard MMO?
release yet another in the Guitar Hero/RockBand Franchise?
Announce a Kingdom Hears game that isn't on a mobile platform?
Think that GTAV looks like badly drawn testicles?
Announce another Console?
Accept Mobiles as a viable platform for gaming?
Finally kill of the consoles through shitty social games and that crap on mobile platforms?
Realise that gamers want cloud gaming as much as we do 3D gaming ha ha ha!

Love Cunzy and Richie, 
to Future Cunzy and Richie...



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