It takes a rare kind of game to awaken us from near permanent retirement from TGAM blogging but Nintendo's new Masterpiece, Miitopia is such a game. Love 'em or hate 'em Miis have been around for eleven years now and they've certainly outlasted the Xbox avatars (have they? I've not checked. Which Xbox are we on now) and whatever those fugly things were on PlayStation.

We made a semi-topical picture joke which no one will get in 3, 2, 1.Old now.  

We've had plenty of good times with Miis over the years, racing karts, fishing fish, golfing golfs as well as giving Nintendo personal information about preferences through Miitomo (is this still a thing?). Team TGAM loved Tomodachi Life even though there wasn't that much to do in it, we still spent a combined 298 hours and 28 minutes doing it. Miitopia is what Tomodachi Life should have been and frankly, should have been released in 2007 but it's here now.

The premise is simple, take the fairly standard JRPG trappings, job system, populate the world with your Miis for your main party and key characters in the story, add some limited amiibo compatability and then... nope, nope we need to say something about the amiibo compatability.

Don't worry, it's nothing original just that this game, much like other offenders, the awful Animal Crossing Amiibo Festival was a prime opportunity to work compatability with all amiibos into it. Instead there are a few costumes you can get for tapping an amiibo but the vast majority just give in game items. Do you fucking love Charizard or Little Mac or Captain Falcon so much you bought the amiibos? Well tough, you don't get anything for them. It's just lazy Ninty amiibo implementation on a Ninty game by Ninty for a Ninty system. Doubly frustrating given the vast numbers of the glorified plastic statues that still don't have any extra features outside of one or two games, aside from the ubiquitous bonus items implementation. Guess what, tapping five amiibos a day for jewels/gems/rupees/tokens ain't cutting edge gameplay.

Anyway. the set up is simple and although we didn't see any adverts for it, it's likely that the marketing suggest you go on a Mii adventure with your sister and your teacher! The reality is 30 something men engineering cock jokes on Mii adventures with Hitler, Mr. Burns and Jack Black.

I'll shut up now. Here are some picture and you can make your own mind up about it. WARNING here be some event and environment spoilers ahead if you're really bothered. You've been warned.

9/10 Easier than writing the same self-insertion 'self-insertion' fanfiction over and over again.


...Hold up, Hey-ey, Hope you ready for the next episode...

I'm gonna chime in with my own two cents here.

Its very clear that Miitopia was during it's conception it was either a F2P title or one of those spotpass games. It has weird relic mechanics that hark back to the spotpass titles (Clearly your team mates were never meant to be selected by you, rather they were supposed to come from spot passes).

Though this gets a bit jarring, it doesn't detract away from the fun within this game! the interactions and random banter make you smile, and proper laugh out loud.

There is a great random factor in this game, which is a bit of a double edged sword. In-game you have access to all of the most popular Mii's used, some of them get randomly assigned to random villagers, loads of fun... Except the most popular Miis tend to be the most over designed ones. and sometime you end up with the shit like below:

Walrus is a great looking Mii! but is over-designed to a point where its nose is actually a mouth which pisses me off, no end. Especially since you cannot "un-assign" those random Miis

That jarring example aside, the game is solid and fun JRPG that doesn't take itself too seriously.
 Pink Tranny or not, Jesus loves you

8/10 Worse things to do with your commute. Selfinsertion:selfinsertion #Selfinsertion

Love and Princess-job,

Richie + Cunzy


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