That Guy's A Hypocrite

Yeah. Yeah we're hypocrites. Not so long ago we used to call the Xbox 360 the Gaybox 360 (back in our homophobic days but, like all my friends are gay so whatever) and we used to call the Wii the StupidNintendoNoReleasesInEurope-Machine. We still call the Wii the StupidNintendoNoReleasesInEurope-Machine but that's besides the point. Now we are widely perceived by the mass readership as Sony-haters. Well, Mr. I don't particularly like or hate Sony in the same way that I don't love or hate Rowntrees, Oxo or YKK (the zip brand. I fucking hate YKK as a first name and I hate people who call zips, zippers).

Anyway,here we cum buckets for Sony and this is why:

1) Timesplitters and Timesplitters 2. (Yeah but the GameCube..NOPE)
2) GTA (Yeah but the Xbox...FUCK OFF)

Here is TEN reasons why you should buy a PS3, right now:
1) Because you are a bender (robot not rear gunner).
2) To go down in history as the 5th person to buy a PS3 in the world.
3) To prop up your TV.
4) To tie to someone's leg so they sink properly.
5) To live in.
6) To keep your PS2, DvD player and old multitaps in use.
7) To piss off hippies.
8) To make PC owners unhappy.
9) As an easy way to go bankrupt.
10) To play NHL2K7.

I could go on but I daren't.
In other news:

  • Nintendo announce negative 20 more games for the Wii bringing the total number of games up to -2.
    Another Pinball Game, Poor Man's Brain Age and a Bomberman Game released for the DS.
  • Richie in shock 4 post bonanza. Scientists 'clueless'.
  • Ms. Bea Havin from 1990s Playstation Pro Magazine gets more than her two usual commentors on a post! Meanwhile TGAM readership soars to almost double figures!
  • Hellbound Angels announced officially as missing presumed AFK. Although we had our differences I'll miss Jenny, Tara and Kevin. May you RP in Heaven.
  • Cunzy1 1 still playing Paraworld and taking screenshots and inserting them indiscriminantly into TGAM posts whilst shamelessly advertising his own half completed Dinosaur in Games Blog.
Wow! With all this exciting news, Sony chose a really bad day to launch.


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