GoW Death Threats Spark Call For Help?*

Creator of the original Playstation, Chuff_72 has called for Dr Wo 69 to "give him a hand".

This follows a number of actual frags caused by Marine34 which has forced Chuff to hide behind one of the sofas on the first floor of the Mansion map.

Chuff_72 was called a "Pokeyman" on Gears of War by Marine34 late last night on a round in The Mansion level in online multiplayer. Chuff_72 is now refusing to leave his hiding place behind a sofa on the first floor. "I'm afraid to leave cover. In the chat in the menu screen he was pretty adamant that he was going to 'smoke me and then hump my corpse' he has done it to me before on other levels" Chuff said from his cover earlier today.
He has called for Dr Wo 69 to "Get upstairs and cover me".

Whilst fighting in Gears of War is common Chuff is convinced that Marine34 is stalking him because he repeatedly tagged Marine 34 with smoke grenades which in competitive play is seen by some players as a bit off or overly cheeky.

"I have cancelled all of our team plans. I am afraid to leave my sofa, I will never feel the same. I will never be the same," he said over Xbox headsets.

Dr Wo 69, real life Dr and sometimes Maniac was unavailable for comment. It is thought that he is "outside somewhere in the ruins".

*In all seriousness, the 'sexual harassment panda' seems to be back in the blogosphere (....ugh) again, see the post title link. Now what happens in the blogosphere concerns me little but in gaming it is pretty horrible. From my own experience it seems to be Americans (who seem to appear on XBLive at about 2am in the morning) that are the worst. They sound like mutant girls and are just downright offensive to some of the female maniacs but embarassingly so. One moron said "If you wuz a pokeyman you'd be a Lickitung" and then continued the audible-only-to-dogs tirade. The fact that he couldn't play for shit didn't seem to matter either, like the proverbial pig, he was happy in his shit. There was a fantastic report done by someone who played advertising that they were female in a serious of MMORPGs and Online FPS. It's just nasty. Unfortunately, I lost the link. The problem is there is no beating them. They like to be ignored and they love to be responded to but there is no fighting irrational thought. The best way is to play them out of the game. They get bored of watching the game after getting taken out so often that they log off. Of course this doesn't help newbies or people playing on their own but sometimes it helps to just turn off the headset or join another game. The fact that you shouldn't have to is a different matter. I don't see how this issue is going to get fixed either, protests, silences and naming and shaming don't help. Perhaps some kind of in game enforcement would be good. Rather than banning just an automated avatar that hunts and wipes out any griefers. Sin Bins have kind of worked in Second Life and other MMORPGs. But when we are talking about thousands of different games and millions of players that does start to get tricky.


  1. Anonymous10:15

    FYI: if you give someone bad rep, and i suggest that everyone starts giving people more rep, you will be less likely to "Randomly" encounter the fuckwits. Also Changing your lounge may help, most of the uber-fuckwits tend to congregate in the "Pro" lounge, mainly to account for their ego.


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