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Pokemon Team: En Memorandum

Last month was a hard time for me. In part I was overjoyed at the exposure was getting with that Kill Screen article. However it was also a dark time, my Pokemon Black Cartridge got put in the washing machine corrupted. This cart contained many of the pokemon who were on a par with the length of time played and connection with that Omastar , so as I am sure you can appreciate the joy of being featured was ever so slightly tainted... As you can imagine, I was more than distraught. I considered trying to salvage my save using PC adaptors, or perhaps re-starting with a new save and using editors re-create my pokemon with their original stats. I could even send some of the “event” pokemon, those pokemon I queued for, or downloaded that are no longer available. That would be legit right, its not so cheaty is it? I decided against it, to follow on from the Omastar article there is an emotional attachment to these guys, if I were to re-create them what would I create

Game OS's enter Brand wars.

The great brand wars of our age include: VHS versus betamax, Megadrive versus SNES and HD-DVD versus BluRay. But soon we are going to see a slew of budget "Android" platform devices. These devices are projected to be one of the next steps in gaming, budget range hardware to play mobile platform targeted games; I predict there will be another brand war. Don't get me wrong I am not condoning these devices, in fact my official standpoint on these Android devices is quite negative. They remind me of the 50-in-1 games "my first console" plastic abortions you could get in Argos. Further to this, it bothers me that the OS is a platform, consoles are a platform, they have traditionally had vast improvements budget-wise over a typical PC due to dedicated architecture, these android devices are just running a gimped version of linux on an underpowered PC. Despite all this it will more than likely succeed in the casual market all it needs is focused marketing iterat


News story from here . Shame on you Paras.

Another hilarious spin on pokemon names

Taken from the site that took my idea for jillsammichs , and expanded it to include, Halo, Smash bros, pokemon and Orange box, instead of just Resident evil: Yet another site that ripped us off: Halolz

More Fossil Pokemon!

You may have gathered that we are a bit gay for the pokemon and at the moment it's ALL SEVEN FEVER round here with Diamond and Pearl coming out soon (that should be "soon"). Aside from Nintendo raking in the cash by tapping into the weak part of our brains that actually looks forward to playing probably almost the exact same game for the fifth time there's two new fossil pokemon which hits me in that extra special, special place . Here they are: Bastiodon Ramparos Bastiodon has been modelled on Ceratopsian dinosaurs and Ramparos is clearly inspired by Pachycephalosaurus. * sigh * Why do I care so much? Just-have-to -wait-until-July.

Its a new Lap Record!

Thanks to those wonderful people (retailers) who get in imported titles, I am now the proud (well not-so proud, as perhaps more insanely embarassed) owner of pokemon pearl. Suck on that Nintendo! Your hate of Europe will not stop me from playing your game! In other news Kotaku posted this picture of someone in a bath full of wotsits, I found it hilarious (The picture that is, I have no idea what the article is in reference to. Enjoy:

GoW Death Threats Spark Call For Help?*

Creator of the original Playstation, Chuff_72 has called for Dr Wo 69 to "give him a hand". This follows a number of actual frags caused by Marine34 which has forced Chuff to hide behind one of the sofas on the first floor of the Mansion map. Chuff_72 was called a "Pokeyman" on Gears of War by Marine34 late last night on a round in The Mansion level in online multiplayer. Chuff_72 is now refusing to leave his hiding place behind a sofa on the first floor. "I'm afraid to leave cover. In the chat in the menu screen he was pretty adamant that he was going to 'smoke me and then hump my corpse' he has done it to me before on other levels" Chuff said from his cover earlier today. He has called for Dr Wo 69 to "Get upstairs and cover me". Whilst fighting in Gears of War is common Chuff is convinced that Marine34 is stalking him because he repeatedly tagged Marine 34 with smoke grenades which in competitive play is seen by some players as

Reasons Japanese people are Mental #267

Pokemon Noodles... 1. Note that those noodles depict some of the newer pokemon, therefore combining Spoilers and Food for the first time ever in videogame history! 2. Do the Noodles actually contain real pokemon, if so... would you? I mean look at the cute little faces... 3. Do Grass-Type Pokemon count as meat? 4. It has to be alright, I swear I saw Ash eating a burger in the cartoon, that has to have come from a Miltank or a Tauros. 5. Pikachu is technically an electric-rat, Rat meat? Would you? 6. What type is the brown pikachu with the clouds over it? Has to be a flying-type of some kind.