That Guy's Eye on the Street

It's PS3 launch day here in the United States of Europe and pretty much full time That Guy's Chuff_72 was our eye on the street:

Dude, pretty funny, apparently the Dr (Dr Wo 69) had 22 peeps eager for The Grill (the box, the blockhaus, the PS3) at his store at midnight, pretty good considering the area! But in a strange twist of launch logic Sony has over supplied, by a lot! Of the 25 pre orders, Sony saw fit to send 80 consoles! I mean yes, you could have one hell of a barbacque, but seriously, 80! Their storage room is packed, how long is it gonna take to shift that many Big Black Bricks?

On the way to work I first stopped in The Game, first thing I heard was the manager saying "can't believe I got up a 4.30 for this..." It's bargains gallore, there's a selection of games that you can get for only £35 if you buy a console and HMV are giving away FREE copies of Virtua Tennis (which costs £50 on PS3 and £40 on 360, uh pretty sure it's the same game, and the same "gen", but with PS3 you get a yet to be demonstrated in Europe online structure). Oh it's worth saying too that there were NO queues, seriously, I swear Game and HMV were actually quieter than usual. I'll report back at midday...

Oh yeah, how funny is it that Microsoft have made zero effort to derail the launch, what games were released to coinside with the PS3? Virtua Tennis, that's it, oh and I guess Ghost Recon 2 has only been out a couple weeks ago. Love it!

C_72 out.

It looks like the PSP and the PS3 have gone the way of barcode battlers already! Except barcode battlers was good.


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