Guardian Games Blog In Shameless News Stealing Scam

It's true readers. Check their post on Friday the 10th of March. Now check our post on the 8th of March.

You know reader/Richie it's this kind of stuff that makes me sick. We work really hard here at TGAM to bring you cutting edge reviews and news about videogames and then Guardian Games Blog steal our news and our readers. Look at all their comments! The only reason we don't get comments is because TGAM is blocked by almost every filter imaginable. If you are reading this reader, then I'm afraid we are a dwindling minority. The Germans will come and find us here any day soon.

UNTIL THEN- We will be emailing Guardian Games Blog every two days with the following email:

Dear Guardian GamesBlog

Remove all of your posts and delete your blog or we will be forced to
reveal the mediocrity of your blog to the world at large by linking to you from
the World's Second Greatest Videogame Blog, That Guy's a Maniac. If this were to
happen the millions of people that would visit your site having seen a link
on our site would laugh at your obvious inadequacy. Your posts are often
poorly spelt and derogatory to the gays. We should know because one of us
used to be gay and like, all our best friends are and we used to like Pet
Shop Boys. Anyway repeal all of your posts, learn to stop being homophobic
and stop copying our news.


Cunzy1 1 and The Other One

P.S Stop pretending that one of you is a girl. We know you are all girls


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