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Devil may Cry but an interesting report (via Bug's Blog) shows how people who play different games view themselves. A survey of 5000 gamers from around the world was taken. Here are the results.

Interestingly 80% of people who play mobile phone games at least once a day do not consider themselves gamers (this is more than I play games!). Compare that to 10% of console gamers and a whopping 64% of PC gamers surveyed.

Of the console (including DS, GBA and PSP) gamers 22% consider themselves 'hardcore gamers', but no definition of hardcore was given. 56% of them were in a relationship, 30% of them in a long term relationship (5+ years). The average age of a console gamer is 29 and there is an almost 50-50 split between the sexes. The favourite genre of games were puzzle games, life sims and 'adventure' games (some of these titles are a bit vague). 70% of console gamers play together, both co-operatively and against each other with family and friends.

Of PC gamers only 12% consider themselves 'hardcore'. Only 30% of them were in a relationship, 20% of them long term. The average age was slightly higher at 35 and there are 60-40 split female, male respectively. 13% of PC gamers confessed to playing in their underwear. Significantly 80% of the people who play MMORPGs were lonely ex-goth, bitter homosexuals or people who describe themselves as a 'try-hard' at school. 70% of MMORPG players had thought about suicide but only 2% of them had actually committed suicide. 98% of them have cats and 70% of them have a blog. Interestingly, all of them were above 27 and 23% of them stated 'griefing' as one of the main reasons they play MMORPGs, 65% stated 'cyber-sex' as their main reason for playing MMORPGs, 7% because they thought the platforms were 'very arty' and 4% play to earn an income. 78% of PC gamers play alone. So very alone.

In a pitted arena console gamers managed to massacre all of the PC gamers with only 50% loss in a record time of 25 minutes, 43 seconds. Many of the PC gamers took of their clothes and refused to fight quoting the naked protests of Azeroth as an example of how protests can work. Clearly they confused virtual situations with real life. The survivors were pitted against each other and it appears that Nintendo fans are the most effective in combat however Sony fans were the most babaric using corpses of others as makeshift weapons.

Overall console gamers showed a significant tendency towards generally being content and happy in their lives. This trend was also observed in the PC gamers who play CS or WoW. Bizarrely 100% of Second Lifers complained of depression, being bullied at school, being of a minority group, general feelings of inadequacy, that they considered themselves to be nerdy, that society owes them something because they are individual or different, that 'no-one understands them', why should love between adults and children be forbidden and that they were probably going to give up Second Life soon. 100%!

Very interesting and telling in some respects. What do you think read.... Richie?


  1. Anonymous14:08

    I find all of your writing offensive. Please stop.

  2. Anonymous10:11

    99% of gamers are gay


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