JT is a cunt

Yeah so Jack Thompson (cunt) decided it would be a smart move to slag off rockstar, though in his recent slagging off rant he decided to rip-on the scots... Cunt. He says, "What else would one expect of Scottish sociopaths sipping their single malt Glenlivet in between brainstorming software programming sessions?". I resent this, it is a marr on everything that is scottish, and i feel that it not only hurts our nation but also hurts the good people at Glenlivet. As we all know Scottish sociopaths do not limit their drinking of Glenlivet to brainstorming software programming sessions, generally it is an all day thing, intesperced with downing a "boatle a' bucky". After which we watch Celtic Play Rangers, beat our wives, invent the steam engine, struggle with our ineptitude at reading /writing/arithmatic, then after tossing a caber in out kilts we sit down with a luke-warm bowl of porridge.

Hey JT, go fuck yourself


  1. Anonymous00:06

    I had sex with a scottish girl once (actually it was twice, I had to finish her off in the morning). It wasn't worth it, but hey, you gotta try everything once (or twice).

  2. Anonymous11:52

    I had sex once. I got better.

  3. Anonymous21:14

    see that guy on the oats box

    you have bum sex with him richie

  4. **That guys Exclusive**

    Dr wo 69 is auditioning to be the new Scotts oats porridge model, in a desperate plea for Richie to have bum sex with him.

    Note: Rumors of Richie bumming the current Scotts Oats Porridge bloke are unfounded and bordering on Slander.

  5. Anonymous02:46

    his shotput form isnt that good


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