Front page of the Times this morning-web version here and an alternative one here. Basically, some EC nobs, bored of trying to save real people have decided to save the children by protecting them from the boringly average Rule of Rose.

"Frattini said he been particularly shocked a new psychological horror game, Japanese-designed 'Rule of Rose' for Sony Corp.'s Playstation 2 console. In the game, a young girl, Jennifer, is subjected to mental and physical torture by a gang of sadistic female teenagers, whose ringleader also turns lesbian attentions on the hapless Jennifer before she is buried alive"

Well thanks Mr. Frattini for saving the children now where the fuck were you when we had to endure Sherry Birkin getting mauled by zombies, Edwina and Dedwina getting shot in the face or Cheryl getting bound and gagged in the disturbing Silent Hill? Why didn't you protect us from all of these sick Hentai games (thanks again to Something Awful.com)? Huh? Was our generation not good enough? Now you want to protect all the underage ASBO weilding Europeans from a less than average game. And on what grounds are you objecting to lesbianism you dumb fuck?

".....his revulsion after watching Rule of Rose. "

So he hasn't even played it yet. Awesome. Did you just watch the FMV? Or did he stay up one weekend with a mate and watch them complete it? Did you see all of the storyline? Maybe there was a positive ending that enforced good principles like don't torture children. Did you see all the alternative endings Franco? Or was it just 5 minutes of the most disturbing scene looped for 30 minutes?

Although I'm glad that you people are admitting that games are a powerful medium how about using them in schools for education? I don't mean CD-ROMs but proper immersive educational software. How's about that? Changing European schools to incorporate this powerful but sometimes dangerous technology. How about the Don't sit around and eat and get fat game? That way children would receive the message that getting obese is a bad thing. How about a Don't be gay game then we could get rid of the overt lesbianism which Rule of Rose so staunchly supports as the generation of children are exposed to the positive themes of nongayness.

Franco Frattini your are a maniac, a homophobe and a Prick.


  1. After looking at images in research for this post I now have an overwhelming desire to get a torch and own a white dog.

    You were right Franco! YOU WERE RIGHT

  2. Anonymous11:02

    Mmuuussttt ttooorrrtttuurrreeeee lliiiitttllleeee gggiiiirrrllll.................


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