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So we seriously stumbled upon some new serious games review blog site. And apparently it is so serious we had to seriously review it seriously. So we went to the newest and most serious article, which was this serious article on Super Princess Peach. The article seriously depicts some serious issues about the serious title Super Princess Peach, these serious issues include Feminism in games, Masculinism in games, and how certain blogs who perceive themselves as serious, can actually do an obvious article on a game which has been out for months, with perhaps the worst grammar ever seen in the blogsphere (excluding .

Note: old news:
In case anyone does not know Super Princess Peach is a DS game where Princess Peach takes on the role of the hero to rescue Mario. She makes her way though the levels as usual, and is helped by her emotions, crying raises and lowers the water level in a level etc.

Serious games source takes the stand point that Super princess peach is sexist as she is blonde, wears pink, and her powers are crying, being happy etc. But sexist to what avail? As a role model, personally I don’t think any kids will want to grow up to be Princess Peach. Even if the roles were switched, I certainly don’t think there are many kids who want to grow up to be Mario (A mushroom eating Plumber).

Deal with it Serious games source, it’s a game featuring Princess Peach, it’s not sexist, it’s just a fairy-tale-esque Princess getting the lead role for a change. Plus we all know that Princess Peach could easy handle a M-16.



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