That Guy’s a Maniac Update

Hi all!

As you may have noticed there are some changes happening to the website.

And since we appreciate the reader, and the reader’s opinions/approval/acceptance of us, as it makes us feel safe/like-the-cool-kids-in-school/horny, we openly are willing to listen (ignore) your suggestions for the site.

Please leave a comment in this post, if you don’t then it means you like man-cock.

(If the internet reaches everyone, and I don’t get 6.5 billion comments minus the gay population, than that means everyone in the world is gay, It’s a new thatguys record…)


  1. Looks pretty shitty. Didn't you steal that navigator bar from The Triforce?
    I like the way that all the comments are between themselves

  2. Anonymous10:04

    Well chaps I would like to put forward the "Homophobe of the Month" award...

    And possibly an acceptance that the Ents from The Lord of the Rings would be much funnier if they were called Bents. Just an idea.


  3. Anonymous22:05

    I'm gay and so's my wife.

  4. Anonymous09:51

    The 'Miss Bea your SO mature' award

    I have two penis only one of them is ghey.


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