Animal Crossing Weird World

He woke with a jolt. Boy was that a weird dream; maths, driving in circles, a zombie house. The dreams seemed so vivid, so real. Cunzy1 1 got up from the bed and felt all of his joints click. How long was I asleep? He went downstairs; the TV was showing the highlights of the football match he had seen was on the night before. He turned the TV off and went outside.

Immediately, he saw that his mailbox was full. Odd, he thought to himself as 10 letters were wedged in the relatively small letterbox. Whilst examining the envelopes he became slowly aware that something was wrong. As the letters dropped to the floor Cunzy1 1 felt a cold shiver take over his body. Overnight, it seemed the whole town had been struck with autumn. The beautiful greens that had bathed Gaylando only last night had turned brown and orange. No, it was more than that. He walked up to one of the apple trees and touched the bark. Oh god. A sick feeling rose up from his stomach. This fully grown tree was one that he had planted only two days ago, how had it grown so fast?


9.51. She would be here in 9 minutes and hopefully explain this nightmare. The sick feeling in his stomach had now taken over his whole body. He didn't want to think about it. Bunnie would explain everything.
After leaving the fully grown apple tree that had seemingly grown exponentially quickly he wandered around Gaylando. Each of the residents he saw asked where he had been for 4 weeks. At first he thought it was a joke. After further questions the residents he had trusted just the day before, no a month before, just ignored him. Instead they talked about clothes and furniture. He checked the town message board; a month's worth of messages were there. A whole month? Nookingtons had undergone an expansion. Yuka had moved away. The turnips he had bought had gone mouldy in his pockets. Two new animals had moved in but he didn't catch their names; his mind was buzzing with questions when they introduced themselves. That was when Bunnie had suggested coming over later that day. He had wanted her to explain everything right then but she kept pleading for him to be patient. 9.55. He sat in the tall chair in the middle of his room. The glow of the TV lit up his face. That football match again? The same football match he had seen this morning and a month ago. When would he wake from this nightmare? Then he started to think about before and another wave of nausea washed over him. Where had he come from? The first thing he can remember is being driven to this place in the pouring rain. Where had he been before that? Nothing made sense. It was OK Bunnie would explain he kept reminding himself, before panic overcame him. He didn't trust the others Bones, Chief, Nook they all ignored him. She was different, they were close and before all this he had hoped they would get closer. Deep in his thoughts he hardly noticed her come in.

He jumped off his chair and ran over to her. Yet something was different. She had the same glazed look on her face as the others. She had changed? No, the nausea washed over him again. This is how she had always been. This is how they'd all been. Occupied by the day to day tasks and with no cause for suspicion he hadn't seen it. Before he had a chance to say anything she spoke. He tried to interrupt but couldn't. She was..... she was talking about the furniture? Inside his mind something snapped. He wanted out of here, this room, this house this place. As she stood in the doorway commenting on his house he walked to the chest of drawers and took out his axe. He would open her up. Hack her to pieces and try to find an answer to all his questions in her dismembered remains. She didn't move or flinch as he came towards her. That fact alone made him feel sick again. In the seconds before her death she could do nothing but make small talk about Feng shui. He reached into his pocket but he couldn't get his axe out. She stood there babbling inanely and he tried, struggled to bring out his axe and end all this. Couldn't she see the sweat pour down his face? The crazed look in his eyes? What was all this. For minutes he stood trying to make his arms obey him and bring about the violent end of Bunnie. Nothing. Eventually, she skipped out of the house. He sat in his chair. He wanted to die. He was living a lie, a dream a fallacy. As he promised himself to get to the bottom of it all and to never sleep again he found himself climbing the stairs. As he mentally willed himself to stay awake he lay down on the bed. As his eyes closed he was mentally screaming out in a state of absolute panic and dread. As he fell asleep he realised he wanted to cry himself to death. Would he wake again? Tomorrow? In a month? A year? Then. Nothing.


  1. Anonymous14:01

    OMFG!!! THAT'S MY LIFE!! THAT@S SO AMAZING! you just described my life. i never thought anyone would understand but you do!! i think i love you!! you feel it as well, the way everyone is always talking about themselves and their stuff and they never see what's really happening they never see you and it just makes me want to scream BUT YOU UNDERSTAND you see me and i see you and we should be together i'd love to murder bunnie with and AXE HAHA that's so funny i laughed whn i read that! oh goto go dinners ready XXxcbui OW why'd you bite me???!?!?!??!?!?!eleven

  2. Anonymous14:03

    ah, young love...

  3. No, no this actually happened.

    In real life

    Like, last Thursday.

  4. Anonymous14:32

    Yeah but you forgot the bit with the Bellsprout...

  5. Anonymous14:33

    I love how all the comments are between yourselves


    The AC Game is mine, I told Cunzy this story, but in my version it was darker, and there was more blood and a sex scene.

    Cant get the staff nowadays...

  7. Woah! You are LIES more like Mr-Stopped-playing-AC-because-it-was-too-scary.

    This is MY story and I was forced by our editor to cut out two sex scenes and the scene where I catch Nook fiddling with his Nephews behind the Museum.

    I have photographic evidence too.

  8. We have an Editor What the Fudge [Expletive: Ed] we'd better start fudging [Expletive: Ed] moderating our comments.

    P.S. My name is Richie and I enjoy man-cock [Ed]

  9. Anonymous16:24

    I just dropped off a shovel, a watering can incase tom nook wont sell you one yet, and a peach so you can plant a peach tree for yourself.... and helped myself to some apples - hope you don't mind.

    /rubs WD40 into bum crevice and inserts Yoshi toy in anus while fingering 5 year old dressed as Princess Peach


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