Chuff_72 Speaks Again!

With Richie ummm predisposed and my (creative) juices running on low after yesterday's excitment we bring you Chuff_72 again. Having been a stalwart commentor, adding more shit to this blog than Richie or I could on a daily basis sometimes the Chuff_meister just has to let it all out. SPEAK Chuff_72. SPEAK in a nearly-not-very exclusive UK Gears of War review. Kinda.

Gears of Motherfuckin' War
I really really want to go home, fuck work, I want to sit down and play Gears on Xbox Live all day, I've got the itch! I'm just sitting at my desk fidgeting... DAMN IT I NEED A HIT!!! So glad I never played WoW it would probably fuck my life up, I neeeed to shoot some people in the face, stick a chainsaw in someone's gut or shotgun someone's legs off.

Last night was completely awesome, the Dr (Ed. Dr.Wo long time Maniac and gamer) and I played for about 5hrs, the last 1hr or so was spent with a bunch of northerners, and we managed to start some banter straight off the bat, which evolved in to slagging the hosts mum constantly, genius. Everyone has their mic and headset so you can just chat away, and when everyone cheers when you lop someone's head off... it just fucking rocks!

It's really got me going, Xbox Live costs £40 for a year, I believe you also get 1000 free Microsoft points, all I can say is well done Microsoft and unlucky Sony, the first reports of their PNS network is "poor-mans Live". Obviously we'll see how it pans out but I can see where Msoft spent most of their resources in the first year, getting Live to where it is now, easy to use, stable, and friendly, it's awesome (there's two Maniacs on there at the moment, we could use some more...).

The campaign is pretty good, great atmosphere, mainly due to the sheers balls out greatness of the graphics and the sound fx but a rubbish "story". I've been playing co-op system link with the good Dr on Hardcore (hard) and we've been cruising through fairly easily, but we've got Insane mode to try so that's something to look forward to. Hmm it's fun, I guess that's about it really, and quite compelling with a good amount of "one more go" about it due to the instant restarts and well spaced check points, but to be honest, if you're not on Live then 70% of this game will pass you by.

I'm looking forward to seeing what new content they're gonna release for this thing, I get the feeling they've got a lot of stuff lined up, I wouldn't be surprised if they made some major change, like including vehicles and larger levels with higher player caps, 8 players is easily enough for the current maps, but sometimes you can't help thinking, what would it be like if there were 32 psychos chainsawing the fuck out of each other... Maybe they don't want to directly compete with Unreal 2007, which is coming to 360 now, I thought it was only on PS3 cos of all the tech demos they were showing, apparently not!

So to conclude, pass me my chainsaw!


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